July 07 2015

Relief efforts underway after Fairtrade mining village devastated by fire

Cred Jewellery has set up a disaster relief fund for the rebuilding of a mining village devastated by fire this weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, a fire swept through the village of MACDESA, 600km south of Lima in Peru. In less than 30 minutes over 90% of the village, the school & lifestock were destroyed.

This photograph shows the extent of the damage to the village.

MACDESA is a small mining community that became Fairtrade accredited in May 2015. They have worked very hard over the last 2 years to reach the standard, but they are facing a demoralising setback following Saturday’s accident.

At around 1pm local time on Saturday 4th July 2015, a fire quickly spread throughout the village, with over 300 homes being charred, leaving the families without shelter. The cause of the fire is unknown, and there were no serious injuries reported.

The community of 300 people, including 100 children, are now sheltering in the church and the few remaining houses. Water is being supplied from local villages using the MACDESA trucks, and the mine’s canteen is providing meals. School classes have been paralysed due to destruction of the building and resources.

Here, a student rescues a charred trumpet from the remains of the school.

As a Fairtrade mine, as well as the price paid for the gold, Macdesa receive $2 per gram of gold as an additional Fairtrade Premium to improve their community health & education. Whilst the mine and machinery were not damaged, the community is greatly affected and support is needed more than ever.

Whilst Macdesa have only recently joined the Fairtrade family, as core founders, Cred Jewellery want to stand with them and help as much as possible.

A disaster relief fund is being set up by charity, The CRED Foundation, from which all donations will go directly to the MACDESA community towards the rebuilding of the school.

The £25,000 target will restore and re-stock the 8 areas of the school that were destroyed in the fire, including the kitchen, library, computers, food storage, classrooms and music room with instruments.

To donate to the fund, please go to: http://bit.ly/helpmacdesa
All donations will be directed to MACDESA and are greatly appreciated.

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Notes for Editors

For more information, contact Niki Clarke | niki@credjewellery.com | 0203 176 7835

CRED Foundation (www.cred.org.uk) is a UK-registered charity (no. 1160967) with a particular interest in supporting locally-run development organisations delivering impact in Education, Enterprise and Environmental Sustainability. The CRED Team Trips initiative (www.credteamtrips.org) provides opportunities for young people from the UK to serve and learn from these international partners. The organisation was founded at a similar time to CRED Jewellery, and they have previously worked in partnership at different points in their histories.

In sourcing our materials, CRED seek full transparency from mine to retail.
- All our gold & silver is certified Fairtrade and our platinum is 100% recycled.
- CRED launched the world’s first Fairtrade silver to the UK in 2013.
- We use natural stones which come from fully traceable sources.

CRED Jewellery is the original fair trade jeweller, founded by the human rights and Fair Trade campaigner Greg Valerio in 1996. CRED started by producing jewellery made from recycled silver. Starting in 2003, with partners Oro Verde, CRED developed transparent supply chains for gold, which formed the basis of the Fairtrade and Fairmined standard for gold in 2011 (now referred to as the Fairtrade standard). CRED launched Fairtrade silver to the UK in 2013.

CRED Jewellery: http://www.credjewellery.com/ 020 3176 7836

Fairtrade is an independent ethical certification guarantee of a product that has been responsibly mined and that miners are working in good conditions. The 10% premium paid for the gold and silver ensures a good price to the workers with additional funds to invest in their community. More information can be found at http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/gold/

Receiving the Fairtrade standard means that the miners:
• Have developed democratic and accountable organisations and formalised all their operations
• Are using safe working practices including the management of toxic chemicals, such as mercury and cyanide, used in the gold recovery process
• Are respectful with their environment
• Recognize the rights of women miners                 (Source: Fairtrade.org.uk/gold)