We know that you will want to wear your Cred jewellery for a lifetime, so for this reason your jewellery is covered by Cred’s Lifetime Guarantee.

In the unlikely event that there is a manufacturing problem with your Cred Jewellery we will repair your piece free of charge. Unfortunately, any jewellery not checked by us within the first 12 months of purchase will not be covered by Cred’s Lifetime Guarantee. Any repair or modification of Cred jewellery not carried out by us will also void Cred’s Lifetime Guarantee.



GOLD AND PLATINUM are the ideal metals to wear for your wedding or engagement ring, but as with all jewellery they do need a little care and attention. Ensure that you remove your jewellery before taking part in activities in which it may become scratched or damaged (for example, washing up, weight lifting and rock climbing). Try not to wear your jewellery when it may be exposed to soap or chemicals as these can dull, discolour or damage the metals. Always apply any moisturiser or perfume and let it dry before putting on your jewellery.  Over its lifetime your gold and platinum jewellery will become scratched. Many of us embrace this as a natural part of well-loved jewellery but if you have a particular occasion you would like your jewellery to sparkle for, then please get in touch.


DIAMONDS are the hardest gemstone but they do still need to be taken care of. Avoid wearing your diamond jewellery while doing any activity which may damage your stone. Even while washing up, a knock in the wrong place could chip or break a diamond. Avoid exposing your diamond to chemicals and creams, after a build-up of dirt you will notice that your diamond will have lost some of its sparkle. You can give it a clean at home or you can bring it in to us for a professional clean in the workshop, we can also check over the jewellery for any other maintenance that may be required. SAPPHIRES AND RUBIES are the also hard gemstones, which is why they are commonly used in wedding and engagement rings, although they are not quite as hard as diamonds so need to be treated a little more gently.


All other gemstones which are not as hard as Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies need to be treated delicately. Exposure to water, extreme temperature and temperature change, as well as chemicals may cause damage to the stones and effect their colour, shine and lustre.


The best method for cleaning your gold and platinum jewellery at home is to use warm water with a little washing up liquid and very gently clean the piece with a soft, babies' tooth brush. This method is also suitable for jewellery set with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. If your jewellery has delicate features or stone settings then be very careful not to knock or push at these and always clean your jewellery over a bowl just to be safe!


When not wearing your jewellery, it should be placed in its original box. Ideally store your jewellery in a cool, dark and dry place and somewhere where it won’t become scratched or tangled. Any jewellery with fabric cord or gold plating should be kept dry. Do not leave your jewellery in the bathroom as the moisture in the atmosphere can cause damage.

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