Our Mission

At Cred we decided to build a business where our ethics come first.

Cred functions as a social enterprise, taking a people centred approach. Our business strategy is based around promoting and selling the gold which comes from the communities we work with. We measure our success in people not profit.

Our Ethos

We believe that building trust and face to face relationships is key to the continuing success of our business in sourcing from mining communities. Direct connections and spending time with the miners and their communities means we talk their language and help them to enjoy the benefits of systems of accreditation, such as Fairtrade.

Cred was founded on the principles of fair trade and our work supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We operate a direct trading relationship with small-scale miners, we believe that this is the best framework for equality and respect.

Our core values

We want to modernise the jewellery industry and bring it up to the standards seen in other industries, in terms of accountability and traceability. Professional Standards of accreditation are a powerful tool to bring about change. Independent verification can guarantee that our partners are fairly treated, and our product lives up to our ethical and sustainable claims.

At Cred we aim to create the benchmark which other suppliers and businesses need to meet. We want to scale up our impact and help create sector wide change. Cred sells Fairtrade Gold to other jewellers, making sure that it reaches its widest possible audience, domestically and internationally.

When sourcing gemstones, we keep our supply chains as short as possible, applying our knowledge of working with the mines to check that local operations benefit local workers and the environment. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovative sourcing solutions.

At Cred we seek to be responsible and utilise best practice in all aspects of our operations, to move toward becoming a more sustainable business. From our packaging to our UK premises, we review our operations and build on the work we have done, aiming for continual improvement. Cred is a relatively small business, and we recognise that this is a substantial task for our limited time and resources, but we see this as a key part of our ethical DNA.

Transparency-we aim to be open and honest in our relationships with our suppliers and our customers. We believe that informed choice is a consumer right and a powerful tool to shape the jewellery and mining industries. We provide customers with an alternative to traditional jewellery sourcing and selling.  We work hard to make sure our customers know and understand the ways in which they are making a difference.

Developing our staff and supporting them in the work they do and, in their passion, and belief in Cred. We have always believed that people are key to our success. We aim to foster the people who work at Cred, helping them to follow their interests and develop their talents in the belief that this will always benefit our business.

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