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About Cred

Cred: Creating Responsible Ethical Designs

At CRED we believe in making beautiful jewellery that has ethical integrity. We are set apart by:

  • Offering full transparency - From mine to you
  • Our pioneering spirit from CRED's inception and going forward
  • Our personal relationship with the source and commitment to Fairtrade
  • The production of exciting, quality designs.

Our jewellery is not only beautifully designed but it has a purity of source. We know that the small scale miners who mined the gold were fairly treated.  

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CRED Jewellery’s quest for socially and environmental gold began 12 years ago and it is remarkable to think that we have developed from importing grams of gold into a dismissive market, to importing kilograms of gold to industry acclaim.

For CRED jewellery, fair trade means more than simply knowing the origin of our gold, paying a fair price and premium. It is about developing long-term relationships that enable the mining communities to develop independently. It is about doing the right thing and enabling people to lift themselves out of poverty. It is this deeper commitment; connection to miners and integrity of our story that underpins CRED Jewellery and sets us apart as the most trusted fair trade jewellery brand.

Our jewellery is not only beautifully designed but it has a purity of source. We know that the small scale miners who mined the gold were fairly treated. The independently accredited system at Fairtrade ensures that the mining community adheres to a strict code of conduct made famous in the farming of Coffee, cocoa, sugar and bananas. It ensures that the mine pays the miners fairly, that there is no child labour and that there is good health and safety in the mine. On top of this the miners are also paid a Fairtrade premium of $2,000 a kilo to be used by the community to help develop the infra structure including schools, health clinics , water and electricity.

During the last five years we have visited the mines every six months to ensure our customers that everything is being done responsibly. We have developed a real friendship with the communities and work with them extensively to help them access international markets.This is the DNA of Cred and we will not compromise on our integrity.

We are now working with Fairtrade to bring in the first African Fairtrade gold from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.We have also visited the miners there throughout 2014 and 2015. We never do business with any mine until we have visited them ourselves to ensure that our customers receive the best assurance of where their gold is coming from. 

Ethical Pioneers

CRED have been pioneers in ethical jewellery since 1996. We were founder members of the Alliance for Responsible Mining. CRED was instrumental in the introduction of the Fairtrade mark for gold in early 2011. 

We were the first European retailer to sell independently certified fair trade gold, and the first high street boutique to exclusively sell ethical jewellery. In 2003 we produced the world's first truly ethical wedding rings: wedding bands made from gold from a mining cooperative in Columbia called Oro verde; a traceable source that was certified as environmentally and socially responsible. They remain our bestsellers.

Cred went on to be the force behind getting Gold into being Fairtrade accredited . This happened in February 2011 and since that date 100% of the gold used by Cred has been Fairtrade gold from Peru.We supply Fairtrade gold from Peru to many countries in Europe and to the USA. Our sales have raised $325,000 in social premiums for the communities we work with.

Cred was the first company to use Fairtrade silver in the world. Silver is a by product of the gold mining and production varies depending on the gold vein being mined from 15% silver to 50% of the total precious metals extracted.

Cred was the first jeweller in the world to label the contents of its product telling our customers every metal that was in their rings. We will continue to lead the industry in quality supply chain management and ensure that the materials used in our pieces have the best provenance in the market place.

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