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The Source of Fair Trade Jewellery

CRED is driven by the desire to see artisanal mining communities benefiting from the jewellery trade and to give consumers the chance to own jewellery that is traceable and delivers social and environmental benefits to producing communities. We believe we are achieving that here at CRED Jewellery, but while we are ambitious for our brand, we also really care about the difference we can make by broadening the marketplace.

We established CRED Sources to facilitate the adoption of Fairtrade gold and silver by other jewellery makers. We work with each of the certified sources and are able to supply fine gold and alloyed gold and silver grain to the jewellery trade. 

Find out more email info@credjellery.com or call us on 44 203 176 7836

Find out more about becoming a Fairtrade jeweller at Fairgold.org

Fairtrade jewellery

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