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The Guide to
choosing the perfect
Engagement Ring

We know it is a difficult decision and one you want to
get right. So whether you are recently engaged
(congratulations!) or are planning to ask the big question,
hopefully these tips will help to inform your decision.

We want to make the process as easy as possible for you,
so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Let’s get started.


There are lots of different styles when it comes to engagement rings. Perhaps consider the jewellery your partner currently wears - will they like something traditional or more modern looking, something in between perhaps? If you are thinking unique, then you can speak to us about a bespoke design.


The traditional engagement ring would be
a solitaire diamond.

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual,
why not choose an alternative stone entirely?
A ruby, aquamarine, emerald or sapphire all make for
beautiful pieces with the added touch of being
distinctive and unique.

The Cut

For the main stone in the ring you have a few options for the cut.
The two main cuts for diamonds are Brilliant or Princess. Brilliant
cut is round, with slightly more sparkle than a Princess, whereas the
Princess is a more modern square cut. If you’d like to hear about
some of the other cuts we can offer then please do give us a call.




There are many settings for stones
Here are some of the options for a solitaire


Designed to let the maximum amount of light pass through to give the diamond sparkle.


A modern, secure setting, which sits flush to the stone for a practical and smooth finish.


The two arms of the band wrap around the stone making a secure and beautiful setting.


A 4 claw setting which has a single twist giving it fluidity and flow.


An open clawed setting that enfolds around the stone.


A 6 claw setting holding the diamond in prominence high on the finger to catch the light.


A clean lined setting which has the stone set more so within the band.

6 Claw

A setting which creates a more rounded appearance while still letting plenty of light through.


Does your partner wear more white-gold or
yellow-gold jewellery? You’ll want to consider this
carefully and then think about having your wedding
ring made in the same quality (ie: 18ct) to match.


If it’s a surprise proposal, download our ring size guide here.

Simply lay a ring they already wear on the print out and
make a note of which template is the best fit. Now, this is not
100% foolproof, but fear not, you can always propose with a
standard sized ring and, then, so long as it’s within 6 months
of purchase, we’ll have it adjusted to the perfect size for you,
free of charge.

If you’re choosing a ring together then you can go into any
jewellery shop and they’ll be able to measure it up for you.

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