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Care Instructions

Caring for your metals

Caring for your Fairtrade Metals


Silver Jewellery will naturally tarnish over time. Always protect your jewellery from knocks, scratches, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold to minimise these effects. We recommend removing jewellery when you wash and particularly when on the beach, in the sea and in chlorinated water and when using bleach. Avoid spraying perfume or applying creams directly onto your jewellery as this will tarnish the metal. Do not wear your silver jewellery in extremely hot or cold weather and ideally, store silver pieces in an airtight bag to help reduce tarnishing.

Gold & Platinum

Precious metals must be taken care of over time. Ensure you remove your gold jewelry before showering, bathing, or cleaning. The exposure to soap and chemicals can dull the gold, resulting in more frequent cleanings, and is especially important if you're using abrasive cleaners, as fine gold is a soft metal and will scratch readily. Chlorine can also permanently discolor gold, so take your jewelry off before going into a swimming pool or using household bleaches and cleaning products. Try to avoid direct contact with chemicals found in everyday substances like hairspray, lotions, perfumes, or other cosmetics can corrode the alloys in metal.

Handle your gold jewellery carefully, as delicate pieces and gem settings can be easily bent out of shape when knocked.

Gold Plate

Gold Plated jewellery must be treated with care as even your own sweat can affect the lifespan of plated jewelry. Avoid use of any variety of chemicals such as hairspray, body lotions perfume and household cleaning products and you should also avoid exposure to high temperatures or grease. You shouldn’t wear gold plated jewellery to the gym or while doing anything physical that might make you sweat, and especially avoid chlorinated water. Please remove gold plated jewellery before showering or washing your hands and this will reduce the life span of the plate. Don’t use traditional jewelry cleaners on your plated jewelry, or any other chemical-filled solution. Instead, rely on a soft cotton cloth and warm water, if necessary and you should limit its exposure to water as well.

Caring for your diamonds

Caring For Your Ethically Sourced Stones


Diamonds are the hardest stone out there but they still need to be taken care of. Avoid doing rough work or going to the gym whilst wearing your diamonds as even though a diamond is durable, it can be chipped by a hard blow.

Don't let your diamond come in contact with a chlorine bleach when you're doing household chores. It can damage and discolor the mounting and make sure you check your settings regularly to ensure the stone is secure.

Coloured Gemstones

GIA recommends cleaning most coloured gems with warm water, mild soap (no detergents), and a soft brush. A soft, lint-free cloth can also be used. Be sure to stop the sink’s drain or use a rubber mat in case the stone comes loose from its setting.

GIA says light and heat can affect a coloured gemstone’s durability and colour can also fade and weaken some gemstones over time, such as amethyst, kunzite, topaz, and pink conch-shell cameos. Pearls and other delicate materials, like ivory, will bleach under extreme exposure to light. Other gems, especially amber, can darken over time when exposed to too much light.

Cord Bracelets

Our cord bracelets are hand-weaved. The best way to clean your bracelet is to wash with mild soap in lukewarm water. Be sure to keep away from direct heat and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or humidity. Do not leave jewellery in the bathroom as the moisture in the atmosphere can damage plating. Avoid wearing bracelet when using bleach. Please remove jewellery before showering, bathing or swimming as this will affect the life span of the cord. Avoid spraying with perfumes, hair styling products or creams.


To protect your jewellery, pieces should be individually placed in a pouch or within a soft lined box to stop them being scratched or tangled. Ideally store your jewellery in a dark, cool and dry place, and try to keep pieces apart, so that they don't rub together or tangle up.

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