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Lab grown diamond engagement rings

Lab Grown Diamonds

Cred Jewellery, “The Pioneer Ethical Fairtrade Jeweller’, has launched the Ultimate Ethical Engagement ring.

Cred Jewellery is the original pioneer Fairtrade gold jeweller… using only Fairtrade gold since its launchin 2011. We have great relations with the small‐scale miners in Peru and are responsible for bringing in all the Fairtrade gold to the UK. Since 2011 we have paid $350,000 in FAIRTRADE social premiums to the miners. We are the only jeweller to just use Fairtrade gold since its launch in 2011 and have real relationships with the communities where the gold is mined, having visited our partners every six months for the past six years.

We are now offering the “Ultimate Ethical Engagement Ring’ by using Lab Grown diamonds with Fairtrade gold.

Lab grown diamond solitaire

Customer reasons for buying Lab Grown

  1. Lab Grown Diamonds belong to a category of diamond called Type IIA. Less than 2% of world’s mined diamonds belong to this category, Type IIA diamonds are the most valued and purest form of diamond.
  2. Environmentally and socially more responsible.
  3. 0.3ct Lab grown diamond rings are approx. 28% cheaper than natural stone diamond rings, 0.5ct Lab grown diamond rings are 32% cheaper than natural stone diamond rings.

Lab grown diamonds are becoming a reality. The Uk market is always slow to change to anything new especially if its ethical. The reality is that production has increased from 325,000ct’s of Lab Grown in 2013/14 to 4,000,000ct’s in 2016/17…

In the U.S.A. main stream multiple jewellers are predicting that 50% of Diamond inventory will be Lab grown by 2020.

The product is going to transform the diamond industry where big suppliers have dominated the narrative for too long… well not for much longer.

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Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

For years the Diamond industry has been opaque about their supply chain management. Cred currently offers Canada mark diamonds which are the best in class and Namibian stones which are good but exact traceability is not independently accredited. All diamonds have a poor environmental carbon footprint and it’s difficult to establish source. Diamond companies have avoided offering transparency and traceability. Chain of custody management is weak with little independent certification of provenance back to the mine. Our customers are telling us they want a socially and environmentally responsibly produced product.

The Process

The exact same process that a natural diamond undergoes underground through nature is reproduced in the laboratory. A rough lab grown diamond is grown from a small diamond seed. The diamond seed is placed in an environment that contains carbon, the molecular component of diamonds. After applying tremendous pressure and very high temperatures, under highly controlled conditions, the small diamond seed begins to grow, molecule by molecule, layer by layer, emulating nature’s process. The result is a rough diamond which can be cut and polished for use in jewellery like any other naturally mined diamond.

Why are Cred using Lab grown?

Alan Frampton, Cred’s director says it as it is.

"Mining diamonds is an energy intensive and ecologically invasive procedure, affecting fragile ecosystems across the world. Lab-grown diamonds are a victory for the environment, human rights and diamond supply chain transparency.”

He points out that Cred's customers feel reassured that their jewellery is coming from a known and socially responsible system, and that Cred is committed to creating the most Ethically responsible offering for its customers.

IGI Certificate

IGI Certificate

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