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Our Precious Metals

Cred are the first (and at time of writing, the only) jeweller to disclose the content and provenance of their metals. When you buy Cred jewellery you will also receive information with a breakdown of the content of the metal, and information about the main metal including a transparent source.

Fairtrade silver

Fairtrade Silver

In December 2012, CRED brought the first Fairtrade certified silver to the UK. The world's first Fairtrade silver jewellery collections launched in February 2013. CRED jewellery collections from this point will be made from this certified silver.

The Fairtrade certified silver is from Sotrami, an artisanal mine located in the Andes, 2,450m above sea level, and 60 miles from the nearest town. As it is the mines that are certified Fairtrade, the silver found in smaller quantities alongside the deposits of gold receives the same mark.

Fairtrade is an independent ethical certification guarantee of a product which has been responsibly mined and that miners are working in good conditions. The premium paid for the metal ensures a good price to the workers with additional funds to invest in their community. 

Recycled Silver

CRED silver jewellery collections made before 2013 are made from 100% Recycled Sterling Silver, sourced from here in the UK. The silver for recycling comes from industry as well as used jewellery. Recycled silver was the best ethical alternative to fairtrade silver available at the time.

Silver can be recycled many times, refined back into its pure state and re-worked from there as new. This was a better ethical alternative than using silver from large scale mines that have the potential to damage the environment by using chemicals such as mercury and arsenic.

Although the interest in mining ‘ethical silver’ has not been as great as the attention on attaining fairtrade gold and diamond standards, it is on the increase and we have seen demand from our customers increase and hope that the availablity will increase as ethical standards across the mining industry improve.

For more information on ‘ethical silver’ read the Ecologist article from May 2009

Recycled Platinum

All CRED platinum wedding rings and engagement rings are made from recycled platinum. There is not currently a source for fairtrade platinum like there is for Fairtrade gold, so we have found the most ethical platinum is a source of recycled platinum from the only place we can be guaranteed it is 100% recycled. It is independently audited and receives a certificate which can be viewed here.

Platinum is a popular metal for wedding rings because of the toughness of the metal -  it is perfect for those who work with their hands or outdoors as it is not easily scratched.

Because of the hardness, platinum is still a relatively new introduction to jewellery, only in the last 100 years, unlike gold and silver which have been around for centuries (There are references to gold jewellery in Genesis, one of the first books of the bible) The hardness meant it was hard to work with and we have only recently had the technology to work with it.

The colour of platinum is a cool silver colour so a popular contemporary wedding ring colour. As platinum is a relatively scarce metal the price is more than for gold, so white gold is a good alternative metal for this colour.

The advantage of the CRED white gold is that it has a high palladium content in the alloys which makes it the same colour all the way through rather than being plated - so the colour will never fade or need re-plating.


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