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Fairtrade jewellery London

What makes Cred different:
  • Cred pioneered transparency and integrity in the jewellery industry, creating the baseline for the current Fairtrade gold standards
  • We go to see the miners, we have a relationship with them. Every 6 months we visit Peru, including talking to miners we do not do business with and organisations involved with the formalisation of Small Mining communities.
  • Fairtrade gold is traceable, transparent and the best in market. The people are paid a minimum of 95% of international market value plus a 5% social premium. They follow strict accreditation to ensure good health and safety, good cooperative company structure, fair wages for all and no child labour.
  • Cred only sell Fairtrade gold in Cred products. We will not compromise our integrity.
  • Cred were first to bring Fairtrade silver to market.
  • African Fairtrade gold arrives next year. We have visited every site in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Before the first shipment is made we'll have seen the miners on 3 separate occasions.

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