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The pioneers of ethical jewellery

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Jewellery with a purpose

Whether it’s a symbol of your love or a showcase of
your style, jewellery always helps tell a story. Yet
behind much of the items we all wear today is an
untold tale of exploitation.

La Razón

The reason behind this is because as our desires for
silver, gold and precious stones have increased with
time, so too have the pressures on suppliers to mine
more and more of them. As a consequence, local
mining communities all around the world are being
forced to work in hazardous environments, whilst
devastating important ecosystems to keep pace
with demands.


For many years we’ve made it our ambition to
find a better way, to make a change. Our
aim was to create a fashionable jewellery
brand that actually did good and now by
supporting and working with local mining
communities, we have pioneered responsible
trading practices to produce 100%
independently certified Fairtrade jewellery.


To do this, we work together with our partners to offer
complete transparency in our supply chain and invest time
and money back into the livelihoods of our small-scale
miners and their communities.

This helps to ensure fairer wages, safer working conditions
and crucially, improvements in healthcare, education and
the surrounding environment.

El Futuro

Combining responsible mining practices with our passion for the
very best quality products and the highest design standards,
we hope to change the world, and the future of the jewellery
trade, one product at a time.

Our History

We started Cred Jewellery.
Ever since then we have made it our mission to pioneer responsible
mining practices in order to inspire others to do the same.

We established the first transparent supply chain
of Gold and Platinum from Oro Verde in Columbia,
and we were the first jewellery company to pay
social premiums for Ecological Gold.

We opened our London Studio to have a more
central location for our customers to visit.

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We were the first company to produce a Fairtrade Gold
wedding ring and to be a part of the certified Fairtrade
system. We also started working with the Sotrami mining
community in Peru.

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We launched the worlds first certified Fairtrade silver.
We have also launched two jewellery collections in
fairtrade silver, designed by Annabel Panes with our
Nepalese co operative.

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A mining community based deep in the Yauca District, Peru

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What we’ve achieved

This is a journey that has only just begun for us.
There is a long way to go, however, we are very
proud of what we’ve managed to achieve to date.
Here are a few of our highlights…

We pioneered the accountable supply chain
for gold and imported over 90% of the
total certified gold into the UK, 12 months
from the launch.

We helped introduce the Fairtrade mark of
gold in 2011, and have since given over
$150,000 in premiums to our mining
communities in South America.

We brought the first certified Fairtrade silver
to the UK, and launched the world’s first
collection made from it.

We were the founding members of the
Alliance for Responsible Mining.

What Fairtrade means

There are an estimated 100 million families and dependants involved in small-scale
mining throughout the world. Artisanal and small-scale miners produce just 15% of
global gold supplies, but make up 90% of labour in metal extraction.

The Fairtrade certification means that miners
are paid a guaranteed minimum price.
On top of this, they receive a premium
to invest back into their community.

This enables them to live better, send their
kids to school, put food on the table
and develop long term relationships
with their commercial partners.

Our Precious Metals and Stones

At Cred, we only use gold certified with the Fairtrade stamp. The majority of
our gold comes from small scale miners at the Sotrami mine at San Filomena in Peru.

All Fairtrade gold is mined under stringent social and environmental criteria,
which is independently audited.
As of 2013, all our pieces made from silver are certified Fairtrade and come
from the artisanal mine, Sotrami. Cred Collections made before then are all from
100% Recycled Sterling Silver, sourced from here in the UK.
All CRED platinum wedding and engagement rings are made from recycled
platinum. Currently there isn’t a certification for Fairtrade platinum like there
is for gold and silver, so we have found that the next best thing is to source
only 100% recycled platinum.
Diamonds and Gems
We seek to ensure that each stone is ethically sourced, responsibly mined, and delivers
economic justice to all the people involved in its extraction and production.

All our diamonds are certified as conflict-free by the Kimberley Process, and our gems
are sourced through organisations across the world that bring you the best quality
stones, straight from the source.
Beyond these benchmarks, we partner with organisations who invest help and skillsets
back in to the local community. Our source in Namibia has established a jewellery
training school for those who were previously disadvantaged, for example.

Our continued mission is to ensure that one day, diamonds and
gems can be certified Fairtrade.

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