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The Guide to
choosing the perfect
Wedding Rings

We understand that choosing the ring you will wear every
day is no easy task, but before you get started, there are a
couple of things to consider.

Do you want your rings to match each others?
Some couples do, whereas others go for
completely different looks.

Does the wedding ring need to coordinate with the colour
and shape of the engagement ring?

As they sit alongside each other, most want the
wedding band to match in colour.


Do you wear more white-gold or yellow-gold jewellery?

Our white gold is not rhodium plated, so this means
you will not need to have the colour restored (which is
what often happens at other jewellers). If you work in
a more manual environment, you might also want to
consider Platinum as this is slightly harder wearing.


For the groom this is often the first piece of jewellery he
has ever worn so it needs to be comfortable.

Flat Court

A popular contemporary
wedding ring, this is flat on the
outside, but with the comfort of
the curved court fit on the inside.


This ring is curved outside
but for added comfort, it is slightly
curved in the inside of the ring
where it hugs the finger.

A Close Fit

Depending on the design of the engagement ring, the bride
may want the wedding ring to be shaped to fit around any
wide set stones. The Sweep, Crossover and V shaped bands
are all great pieces that can be fitted to the engagement
ring so you can be sure it will be a perfect match.


Do you want a wide or narrow ring?

While the guys generally tend to go for a wider ring, for the
bride it’s good to think about whether you’ll ever be wearing
the band on its own. A wedding ring can be created from
2mm to 6mm width.


A single or double line engraving around the ring is a simple
but effective way of modernising your piece.
You can always add a stone or two as well.


A range of matte, high polish or dual tone finish combinations
are available to emphasise the detail of the ring.

Hidden Message

Some couples like to add something personal to their rings, like
an engraved inscription of the partner’s name, date of the
wedding, or even a quote that means something special.

There are various fonts available, block, script or italics.
If you want to incorporate something like this, it costs £35 per
band and will take about 4 weeks from the date of order for your
rings to be made for you.

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